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Ice Manufacturing Equipment:

Morris Cube Ice

Block Ice Presses

Block Ice Makers


Bulk Ice Storage:

Morris Ice Rake

North Star Modular Ice Rake Systems

Keith Walking Floor

Kamco Ice Transfer Bins

Turbo Ice Rake Storage & Delivery Systems

Mannhardt Ice Storage & Dispensing Systems


Ice Packaging Equipment

Form Fill and Seal Packaging Equipment

Automatic and Semi-Automatic Baggers

Automatic Ice Balers

Portable Bag Closer

Ring Bag Closer

Heatseal Bag Closers

Kwik Lok Bag Closers


Palletizing Equipment


Stretch Wrapping Equipment


Ice Merchandisers:

Leer Ice Merchandisers

Star Ice Merchandisers

Starrett Ice Merchandisers


Refrigerated Truck Transports

Water Purification

UV Ultra Violet CSL Series

Reverse Osmosis System






Drying Belt


Auger, Shakers, Snow Reels


Sizer - Crusher


Coolers - Freezers


Refrigerated Buildings


Metal Detection


Packaging Supplies

Ice Bags

Stretch Film

Bag Closing Wire


Equipment Parts


Service - Technical Help


Used Equipment List


Ice Plant Design



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