Bag Closers


Automatic Ring Bag Closer


Closes up to 45 bags-per-minute. depending on bag size

 No costly maintenance; just oil once a day.

 Engineered and ruggedly constructed to stand up under continuous or stop-and-go production. Bronze bearings at all wear points. All stress parts built from hardened steel alloys.

 Wire ring steel is the most reliable and economical bag closure availible

Even at top speed, coil needs replacement only once a day. 13-15 gauge, galvanized sealing wire comes in continuous 50-pound coils.

 Head swings up for easy access during maintenance.

 Head and conveyor is easily raised or lowered for various bag sizes.

 Creates uniform, neat bags for easy handling during storage and shipment.

Bag Capacities:
Open Mouth Poly, Poly Mesh/Net: 10 pounds to 75 pounds

115V 60 Hz 3/4 HP
230V 50 Hz 3/4 HP (optional)
Conveyor Speed:
60 feet/minute
Weight: 625 pounds (with conveyor)

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