UV CSL Series


CSL Series UV Light

The CSL series is a compact, totally enclosed unit, which incorporates a UV treatment chamber with an electrical cabinet base containing all electrical components and instrumentation.

These one-piece UV models are engineered for indoor installations and controlled operating environments. The CSL series is used in laboratory, hospital and hotel installations, as well as cosmetic, pharmaceutical and manufacturing processes.  

For years, Aquafine UV systems featuring 254 nm UV energy disinfection capabilities have been used in production processes for cleansing containers, bottles, cans, milk churns or tins, and beer kegs. The hot sanitizing water for production lines and clean-in-place systems use Aquafine UV to assure bacteria-free environments upon final rinsing after CIP. ;

UV disinfection flow rates for the eleven standard CSL models range from 40 to 630 U.S. GPM (9.1 to 143 M/hr), with TOC reduction and ozone destruction configurations also available.

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