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We are proud to be master distributors for Morris and Associates Tube Cube Ice, and Nugget Ice Makers.  Offering equipment for packaged ice, and is in poultry applications.  This line uses more stainless steel than the competitors, providing a durable, more reliable machine. More stainless means less maintenance, too. You don't have to deal with painting or other problems inherent with black iron, and no rust ever. The new icemaker now produced “cleaner, harder, drier…ice product.”  Morris and Associates continued the process of inventing and developing new machines.  In today’s market Morris still sets the pace with fast and efficient means of production.

Tube Cube Ice Maker Remote


Units available from 10  to 100 tons of ice per day

Tube Cube Ice Master NH3


Units available in 35 to 70 tons per day.





Packaged R-22 Nugget Ice Makers


Units available in 10 - 85-ton per day





Nugget Ice Maker Remote Ammonia


Units available in 15 to 120-ton per day





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