Keith Walking Floor




KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® ice bin systems are providing a variety of industries with a convenient and efficient method of metering ice. These systems provide a true first in, first out product rotation without leaving troublesome residual ice in the bin. Each system is capable of being load started and can be designed to handle unlimited tonnage.


The system’s sub floor is made from the durable 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. Beneath every slat is Keith’s patented self-lubricating bearing constructed of long-lasting, low friction material. Floor slats are also made of sturdy 6061-T6. A coating of food-grade polyethylene provides the final touch.


In the packaged ice industry, KEITH WALKING FLOOR ice storage and conveying systems provide flexible equipment that will meter tube, mini-tube or plate ice. The vertical comb system drastically reduces product damage caused by the excessive scraping of conventional horizontal rakes. Less ice is lost through snow and fines, increasing profits. Equipped with this unique vertical comb, a KEITH ice bin provides an uninterrupted flow of ice. Unmanageable ice clumps are easily broken up and then cascade to downstream augers

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