Steel Ice Transfer Bin





Steel Ice Transfer Bin


  • All models are eight feed wide.

  • Tonnage ratings, nominal, based on 35 pound per cubic foot

  • Allow for maintenance access to front, rear and drive side in space planning.

  • 24 Inch high piers (add nine inches for each add-on-bin piers.

  • Piers should be 48 inches long to accommodate 42 inch bin sill dimension.

Spec Sheet





Model Interior Bin Dimensions Storage Capacity
  Width Height  
440113 10 3/4' 10' 6 Tons
440213 17' 10' 10 Tons
440223 17' 12' 14 Tons
440216 19' 10' 12 Tons
440226 19' 12' 16 Ton


     Ice Transfer Bin can replace existing bins or add to plant capacity.  Here's an uncomplicated, sensible way to increase your ice plant's handling efficiency... install a self-unloading Transfer Bin. 

     Shipped in sections and delivered through walk-in doors, the Transfer Bin assembles just where you need it to temporarily store ice before bagging. 

     Powered by a 1 hp electric motor, flight-type conveyor empties bin at a rate controlled to suit your bagging needs.

     Ice exits on a "first in, first out" basis.  That means older ice has less time to fuse, giving you a better quality product. 

     Blade-tooth beater rotate, breaking loose individual ice fragments before they cascade down into the 16-inch deep auger discharge conveyor.

     Ice does not readily stick to the high density polyethylene interior.  The Transfer Bin offers you a method of reducing spiraling cost of labor and material.



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